Would you like more peace of mind, self-confidence and a better work-life balance?

mindfulness training Amstelveen

Individual training in Amstelveen start 0- 2 weeks


Do you recognize this?

Your days are quite full. A fun but demanding job, a busy family life and/or caring for a loved one. You experience physical complaints such as a continuous feeling of stress, chronic pain or tension headaches.

You want to know how to set limits earlier and strengthen your self-confidence. To have a positive mindset, so you no longer lie awake at night worrying about everything you still want to do. So that you are rested and wake up full of energy!

You are recovering from a burn-out or a stressful period and you really want to do things differently this time – START LIVING MORE RELAXED - but simply don't see how to do it yourself. 


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Hi, my name is Sandra and until 5 years ago I experienced the exact same thing. Working hard until precisely 5 o'clock, to be at the nursery on time.

My life rushed by and it didn't feel right.

I wanted more rest and I got that through mindfulness...

Because it felt so good, I now give mindfulness training myself. And during the 8-week trainings I see many beautiful changes with the people I coach. Most important? That people take better care of themselves :-)


With mindfulness you develop insight into your automatic patterns, you discover how to break these patterns and how to make conscious decisions at the right time.

Taking good care of yourself starts with making conscious decisions.

- testimonial Jin Feng - 

"With mindfulness training I have found a way to experience peace with myself. I have become more aware of both my own emotions and those of other people. This has given me a better understanding of myself and other people.

In addition, through Sandra's training I learned to reduce (negative) thoughts and to better listen to my body.

I sleep better and the meditations give me peace of mind.

I will certainly recommend this training to my friends, especially if they want more peace of mind"

What mindfulness training entails

During 8 weeks you will develop awareness in a relaxed and safe setting. Mindfulness exercises, mindful yoga, sharing experiences and in-depth information around the themes form the basis.

The mindfulness exercises, also known as meditations, can also be practiced from home. In this way you will develop more attention and awareness in your daily life starting from the first week!

A theme per session:

  1. Living on autopilot

  2. Dealing with obstacles

  3. Being aware of breathing

  4. The landscape of stress

  5. A conscious response to challenges

  6. Thoughts are not facts

  7. How can I best take care of myself?

  8. Using what you've learned

 This training is based on the original MBSR and MBCT mindfulness training and focuses on our hasty western culture. Scientific research shows the effectiveness of both courses.


- testimonial Ekaterina - 

"With mindfulness I am more aware

of what is happening to me."

see the whole video (4 min,)


Would you, like Jin Feng and Ekaterina, like to...

Put things into perspective with more ease, have more positive thoughts and more peace of mind? Consciously step out of unpleasant situations and let go of stress and tension more easily?

Prevent a burnout because you can better recognize stress signals and know how to take a step back? Increase your self-confidence and more insight into what gives you energy and what your limits are?

Feel better about yourself, so that you not only take better care of yourself, but also of the people around you?

Look below to see which training suits you and sign up!

I’d love to meet you :-)

More peace of mind, self-confidence and balance.

mindfulness training Amstelveen

Individual training



start within 2 weken

600 euro



Mindfulness&Coachpraktijk Sandra,

Petrus Coeberghlaan 7,

183 WG Amstelveen


The investment for peace of mind, more self-confidence and balance includes a workbook with practical tips, recorded mindfulness exercises (mp3) and a personal telephone conversation.

Between sessions you spend about 45 minutes a day on mindfulness exercises at home.


* Sandra is a member of the professional association VMBN Cat. 1 lid. Depending on the health insurance, part of the costs will be reimbursed.


Sign up

You can register by clicking on the button or contact Sandra at 0615635876.

Sometimes it is better to wait with mindfulness training.

If you're in the middle of a burnout, I recommend you to take the time to recover first. Talk to your doctor or specialist when the time is right for you to start. Take your time.

If you are currently following a regular treatment programme with a (psychological) specialist, then it is advisable to complete this first. Always discuss with your specialist whether this is the right time for you to follow the training.

You can always contact me if you have any doubts.

I’d love to meet you!


Interested in this training, but it’s just not the right time?

Then download my free e-book in which I explain 10 simple tips to reduce stress. (in Dutch)

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'Sandra is een heel compassievolle trainer. Ik geniet van haar kalme en krachtige uitstraling'


'Ik ben Sandra dankbaar voor haar professionele aanpak. Hoe zij de theorie overbrengt maakt het helder'

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