Do you want less anger, fear of failure and more self-confidence for your son or daughter?

Mindfulness for children (8-12 years) Amstelveen

Individual training starts within 2 weeks, 360 euro


Do you recognize this?

Your son or daughter is a happy person, but would like to be more sure of him or herself. Have more self-confidence for an important test at school or in contact with friends. That he or she suffers less from all the stimuli and can focus better at school.

You want more tools for your son or daughter to deal with panic or fear of failure. That he or she can more easily let go of feelings of anger or sadness. Or has less trouble worrying and can relax better.

In short, you want your child to feel comfortable, at any time!

My name is Sandra, mother and inspired by the purity of children. Children can feel immensely well when things are off and they want to change something about it. But how?

They want to learn how to live a better and more relaxed life.

And that's exactly what I love to do!

To give children the confidence that they can be who they are - with all their anger, insecurities and fears.

Only when you realize that, it automatically becomes less problematic.

With mindfulness children discover how certain behavior arises and how they can deal with it in a different way.

A training with practical tips and exercises to make a conscious choice at the right time.

Feeling more comfortable in your skin starts with making

the right choices.

Experiences of children

'I know better now when I feel tension in my body. If that happens I think, "It’s ok. And I can leave it that way. That gives peace.’

‘Sandra is calm and gave me the feeling that I could trust her.’

‘For an exciting moment like a test, I bring my attention to myself, and I can calmly start the test.’


What mindfulness training entails

During 6 weeks your son or daughter will develop their attention in a safe and relaxed setting. In a playful way, mindfulness exercises, practice experiences and theme treatment form the basis.

The training is designed in a way that parent and child can practice together at home with the workbook and the guided exercises. It appears to be very helpful for the child if the parent is also mindful ;-)

The suggested homework exercises can help you get the most out of this training. It takes about 5-10 minutes a day of exercises between training days.

Every 1 hour session has a theme:

Your body as a compass

Attention goes on a trip

Breathing is your best friend

Slow down for a moment

Exciting moments are welcome!

Thoughts are like clouds


The training is a proven and effective mix of knowledge and experience from different mindfulness approaches. Both children and parents experience more peace and quiet in their daily activities.


The training is a boost for self-confidence!

Experiences of children

‘I'm less afraid in the dark.’

‘I am less distracted in the classroom when there are loud children around me. I then bring my attention back to what I am doing.’

‘I feel upcoming anger much better, I then take a time-out!’

Do you, like these children, want for your son or daughter to:

Feel healthy excitement and focus for a test or book review? Dare to say what they think and believe in who they are? Regardless of what others do, think or dare?

Put thoughts 'off' more easily, so they sleep better? That they better deal with stimuli and focus better at school

Sit comfortably in their skin and consciously taking a step back in an angry or difficult moment? That they feel more powerful and feel more self-confident?

Look below for the training that suits your son or daughter and sign up!

I’d love to meet you ;-)

Do you want less anger, fear of failure and more self-confidence for your son or daughter?

mindfulness for children (8-12 years) Amstelveen


Inidvidual training


Start within 2 weeks

360 euro


Mindfulness&Coachpraktijk Sandra, Petrus Coeberghlaan 7, 1183 WG Amstelveen

Interested in a mindfulness group training for children on location? E.g. at your school or in your community centre?

Please feel free to contact me!

The investment for more self-confidence and balance includes a workbook with practical tips, recorded mindfulness exercises (mp3), a personal telephone interview and an intake interview of approx. 30 minutes.

Sign up

You can register via the button above or contact me on: +31(0)615635876

Sometimes it is better to wait with a mindfulness training

When your son or daughter is currently in a treatment program, it is advisable to consult the specialist or treating physician whether this is the right time to start a mindfulness training.

Training costs for the mindfulness child training are not reimbursed by health insurance. If costs are an obstacle then a payment arrangement can be agreed upon. Please contact me for the possibilities.

You may also always contact me if you have any doubts.


I’d love to meet you!


ervaringen van deelnemers

'Sandra is een heel compassievolle trainer. Ik geniet van haar kalme en krachtige uitstraling'


'Ik ben Sandra dankbaar voor haar professionele aanpak. Hoe zij de theorie overbrengt maakt het helder'

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