Would you like to learn how to deal with negative thoughts and stress symptoms? Start with the individual mindfulness training in Amstelveen and create a relaxed and more comfortable life. 

Do you recognize this? 

  • You would like to minimize stress and burnout symptoms

  • You would like to get rid of your headaches and anxiety

  • You would like to think more positive

  • You would like to feel more confident

  • You would like to have a more balanced life


Of course the training asks an investment in time, approximately about 30 minutes for daily practices.

The financial investment is 

€ 600,-. 

Part of the investment can be reimbursed by your health insurance. Depending on the policy conditions. Please check your health insurance for the possibilities. 


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The mindfulness training

In mindfulness training you will learn how to recognize your automatic patterns and how to make a conscious choice. Instead of keep running in moments of stress, you will learn how to stop and to make a conscious choice; what is the best thing to do right now, while taking care of myself? 

The mindfulness training consists of guided meditations, exploring experiences and education about the following themes: 


  1. Automatic Pilot

  2. Dealing with hindrances

  3. Being aware of the breath

  4. The landscape of stress

  5. Consciously responding to challenges

  6. Thoughts are no facts

  7. How can I best take care of myself

  8. Using what you have learned

Between the sessions, you will receive guided meditations/ practises. These practise experiences are the basis for the sessions.

The individual training takes 8 weeks. The duration of the sessions is about 1 hour. 

Reviews from previous participants

'Now, when I notice I am in a moment of stress, I take a moment to stop. I see what is happening with me. The tension and heavy thoughts disappear. I feel relaxed and then move on. With an open and curious attitude'. 


'the session 'Thoughts are no facts' really helped!  Having a different look at my thoughts and their meaning gives me a feeling of freedom!'

Does this inspire you and would you like to:

  • Increase your conscious awareness and attention for yourself and the ones you love?

  • Reduce stress and depressive feelings so you feel more relaxed and healthy?

  • Increase your physical well-being and happiness?

  • Experience a higher quality of life?

Then sign in and we make an appointment to start with your Mindfulness Training in Amstelveen!

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