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Discover your intrinsic strength

For whom

Puur Child coaching is specially designed for highly sensitive or sensitive children (6-18 years). Children who sometimes, because of too many impressions, 'can’t see the wood for the trees’. Or children who get stuck in feelings, without clarity about the right steps to follow.

It's all about:

  • self confidence

  • setting limits (saying no)

  • mourning

  • loneliness

  • bullying behaviour

  • fear of failure

  • trauma processing

  • poor sleeping

  • (choice) stress

  • anger & sadness

  • divorce or new (combined) families

  • dark thoughts

Do you want your son or daughter to feel at ease again?

Discover more about signing up or contact me for more information!

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06 - 15 63 58 76


Enjoy every moment

What are we going to do?

We’re going on an adventure! If possible, we go outside, into the polder.
(So wear some old shoes!)

Discover and grow by using natural materials. With your hair in the wind and the sun on your face :-) 

Tailored to your child's world of experience, I use different methods, such as:

mindfulness, empowering coaching, family constellations, visualizations, stories, puppetry, creative methods (drawing / clay / natural materials), a bus full of Me’s (voice dialogue), coaching cards. ​

compassie training_edited.jpg

"it’s already nice to just talk about it". 

Testimonial girl


Discover, marvel, laugh and grow

Puur Children's coach Amstelveen

I meet children with an open and curious mind. I am convinced that children have all the strengths and resources they need. These strengths become visible through play.

We start with a free introductory appointment, in which there is room to ask questions, feel if there’s a click and discover the main issue for requesting help. When it feels good, we start by making an appointment for a personal intake interview. This interview will take place in my practice or at your home, so that your child can already get to know me a bit as well.

Then we start with 5 weekly child sessions. This is followed by an evaluation interview, in which we discuss the current status and what is still needed. If I feel that less sessions are needed, I will contact you earlier.

Sometimes it is valuable to carry out an observation at school. If this is the case, I will also contact you beforehand.

Do you want your son or daughter to feel at ease again?

Discover more about signing up or contact me for more information.

Sandra Schoonhagen.jpg

06 - 15 63 58 76


The creative spiral of Puur Children's Coaching Amstelveen

- the 4 steps within children's coaching -

  1. Creating a painting palette: awareness of what is there now (behaviour, patterns, thoughts and feelings).

  2. Collecting painter attributes: deepening both parents' and children's understanding of what is needed now.

  3. Start painting! Feeling responsible and getting into action, with pleasure and enthusiasm.

  4. Admiring the painting: celebrate the steps that have been taken and the treasures you have at your home!

Wie ik ben als coach.jpg

About Puur Child coach Sandra


As a woman and a mother of a 9-year-old girl I follow my passion:
increasing self-confidence of children.
I do this with an open mind, from a curious and genuine interest in children.


I made the above collage during my training as a Puur children's coach. This is what the collage says about me:


As a children's coach I like to move, I see possibilities, I offer softness and I stimulate, I like deviating, I am open to everything that someone brings, I lead and let go, I follow my heart and offer peace.

Discover the possibilities below:

Puur children's coaching Amstelveen

Intake call: free
Personal intake interview: 65 euro
Children's session: 65 euro
Evaluation parents: 65 euro
School observation: 65 euro

Start within 2 weeks

Location: Mindfulness & Kindercoachpraktijk 

Petrus Coeberghlaan 7, 

1183 WG Amstelveen

Puur Totaal Coaching

for child & parent

Experience shows that children’s coaching benefits greatly from coaching sessions with the parents. Therefore, Puur Totaal Coaching offers an advantageous total package.

This includes:

  • Intake

  • Introductory meeting

  • 5x Children's sessions

  • 2x Parent sessions (regular 85 euro)

  • Evaluation parents

Normal price 625 euro, now for only 545 euro

Location: Mindfulness & Kindercoachpraktijk, Petrus Coeberghlaan 7, 1183 WG Amstelveen

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Being allowed to be who you are, with everything you bring

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